React Native


with npm

npm install --save react-native-fuse-connect

iOS setup

There are no additional setup required for iOS.

Android setup

Add the following activities to your AndroidManifest.xml file between the <application> tag.

    <!-- ... -->

Opening Fuse Connect

  1. Initialize the useFuse hook
const { open, ready } = useFuse({
    clientSecret: 'CLIENT_SECRET_FROM_SERVER',
    onInstitutionSelected: async (institutionId: string, clientSecret) => {
      // Generate link token
      var linkToken = 'GENERATED_LINK_TOKEN'
      return linkToken

    onSuccess: (publicToken: string) => {
      // Handle callback
    onExit: () => {
      // Handle callback
  1. Invoke open to show the Fuse Connect view.

Hook arguments

clientSecretStringYesA string representing the generated client secret. This secret is used to authenticate the API and grant access to bank data. See /session
onInstitutionSelectedFunctionYesA function that is called when a user selects an institution to link. The function expects one parameter:

institution_id - Represents the unique identifier for the selected bank.

Return the link token generated by the backend. See /link/token for how to generate a link token.
onSuccessFunctionYesA callback function that is called when the user successfully connects their bank account. The function takes one parameter:

public token - A temporary token that can be exchanged for an access token to access the user's bank data. See /financial_connections/public_token/exchange
onExitFunctionYesA callback function that is called when the user exits the API. The function takes two parameters:

err - An error object, if an error occurred during the connection process.

metadata - contains additional information about the connection, such as the bank name and institution ID.