Transitioning from Plaid to Fuse

Project Timeline

The total time to migrate from a Plaid only codebase to Fuse Connect typically spans from one day up to a week, on average. A dedicated engineer will be assigned to your project to provide support for all your integration-related queries through Slack Connect.

GET STARTEDExperiment with Fuse in a demo environment30 minutes
Choose aggregators you’ll combine (with guidance from Fuse)1 day
Fuse sets you up with your chosen aggregators1 day
BUILDImplement Fuse front-end integration, replacing Plaid1 hour
Implement Fuse server-side integration, replacing PlaidHalf a day
TEST AND GO LIVEPerform end-to-end testing in both sandbox and live environments3 days

*Tasks in the same phase can be completed in parallel

Server-Side Changes: Minimal Effort Required - 5 lines of code

Migrating from Plaid to Fuse requires only minor code server-side code modifications. The Fuse SDK, compatible with languages like Node, Ruby, and Python, works smoothly with Plaid access tokens, allowing new connections to be routed through Fuse without impacting existing ones. Hence, it's not necessary to migrate existing customers before deploying backend modifications.

Front-End Changes: Minimal Effort Required

Fuse's front-end SDK supports numerous platforms, including React, React Native, Vanilla JS, Flutter, iOS, and Android Native. Transitioning from Plaid's front-end is straightforward and quick, usually taking less than an hour, thanks to their similar syntax and type definitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I continue using my Plaid keys after the transition?
    Yes, you can continue to use your Plaid keys even after the transition. The Fuse SDK is designed to be compatible with Plaid access tokens, which means that your current Plaid keys will still function as expected.
  2. Will my existing customers need to reconnect?
    No, your existing customers will not need to reconnect. One of the advantages of transitioning from Plaid to Fuse is that the Fuse SDK is capable of handling existing connections without interruption. Therefore, your customers' connections will not be affected during or after the transition.
  3. If the transition to Fuse doesn't meet my expectations, can I revert back to using Plaid?
    Absolutely. While we aim to provide a smooth and seamless transition process, we understand that your needs might change. If you find that Fuse does not meet your expectations, you are free to revert to Plaid. However, we recommend providing feedback and discussing your concerns with our dedicated support team first, as we may be able to provide a suitable solution.