Creating your own search UI

  1. Initiate a New Session
    1. Begin by creating a new session to retrieve a session client secret.
  2. Retrieve Recommended Financial Institutions
    1. Utilize the /institutions/recommended endpoint, providing the session_client_secret, to obtain a curated list of financial institutions tailored for the user. Reach out to the Fuse team if you'd like to change this list.
  3. Search for Specific Institutions
    1. If needed, search for additional financial institutions through the institutions/search endpoint. Here, input the session_client_secret along with your specific search criteria to refine the results.
  4. Select a Financial Institution
    1. Once a suitable financial institution is identified, proceed to the institutions/select endpoint. Submit the session_client_secret along with the chosen institution’s ID to finalize your selection.
  5. Access the Fuse Connect Interface
    1. Open the Fuse Connect frontend as usual by inputting the session_client_secret. The search interface will be bypassed and the user will be directly navigated to the connection screen.