2. Create a session

You will need to create a session and retrieve a session client secret. A session stores information about the process of a user connecting a new financial institution.

  1. First, create a session in order to generate a client_secret. This client_secret will be used to configure the SDK on the front-end.
curl --location --request POST 'https://sandbox-api.letsfuse.com/v1/session' \
--header 'fuse-api-key: my-fuse-api-key' \
--header 'fuse-client-id: my-fuse-client-id' \
--header 'plaid-client-id: my-plaid-client-id' \
--header 'plaid-secret: my-plaid-secret' \
--header 'teller-application-id: my-teller-application-id' \
--header 'teller-certificate: my-teller-certificate' \
--header 'teller-signing-secret: my-teller-signing-secret' \
--header 'teller-private-key: my-teller-private-key' \
--header 'mx-api-key: my-mx-api-key' \
--header 'mx-client-id: my-mx-client-id' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
      "supported_financial_institution_aggregators": ["plaid", "teller", "mx"],
      "entity": {
  		 "id": "12345"
      "products": ["account_details", "transactions"]
const response = await fuseApi.createSession({
    supported_financial_institution_aggregators: ["plaid", "teller", "mx"],
  	products: ["account_details", "transactions"]
} as CreateSessionRequest);
const session = response.data as CreateSessionResponse;


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