Testing real account connections in Development Mode

This guide will help you understand how you can use development keys from Plaid or Teller in your fuse sandbox environment for testing purposes.

Plaid Development Setup

To test Plaid's development accounts using your sandbox keys, simply add the plaid-environment: development header to your request. And ensure that the Plaid-Secret is your development secret. This will allow you to connect to real accounts in sandbox.

Teller Development Testing

Likewise, to use Teller's development keys for testing in your sandbox environment, include the teller-environment: development header in your request.

This is an example Node.js configuration.

import {FuseApi, Configuration} from "fuse-node";

const configuration = new Configuration({
    basePath: config.FUSE_BASE_PATH,
    baseOptions: {
        headers: {
            'Fuse-Client-Id': 'my-fuse-sandbox-client-id',
            'Fuse-Api-Key': 'my-fuse-sandbox-api-key',
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
            'Plaid-Client-Id': 'my-plaid-client-id',
            'Plaid-Secret': 'my-plaid-development-secret',
            'Plaid-Environment': 'development'
            'Teller-Application-Id': 'my-teller-application-id',
            'Teller-Certificate': 'my-teller-certificate',
            'Teller-Private-Key': 'my-teller-private-key',
            'Teller-Signing-Secret': 'my-teller-signing-secret',
            'Teller-Environment': 'development'

const fuseApi = new FuseApi(configuration);