Transaction updates webhooks are sent when there is a change in the transactions for the financial connection. This typically occurs at least once a day.

  type: 'transactions.updates',
  financial_connection_id: "financial_connection_id",
  environment: "sandbox",
  source: "teller",
  //Boolean indicating whether historical transaction information (up to 24 months) is ready to be queried.
  historical_transactions_available: true,
  //An array of string transaction ids indicated the transactions that have been removed and will not be available if the transactions are queried again. Currently only supported by plaid
  removed_transaction_ids: [
  remote_data: {}

Example usage

//Make a fetch of the last two years if it's available and it has not already been fetched
if (webhook.historical_transactions_available && this.historyNotFetched()) {
   await this.retrieveAndStoreTransactionsFromLastTwoYears({
     connectionItemId: conn.itemId,
} else if (webhook.removed_transaction_ids && webhook.removed_transaction_ids.length > 0) {
  await this.deleteRemovedTransactions(webhook.removed_transaction_ids)
}) else {
  //Sync new and updated transactions from the get transactions endpoint with our database
  await this.retrieveAndUpdateTransactionsFromLastDay(webhook)